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The application procedure for the sub competitions in B&H, SCG and Kosova are on line and the closing date for applying to BCC sub competitions is 25th October, 2005.


There are three steps one has to take in order to apply regularly for each of the sub competition.


First step is to fill out the registration form on line in order to download the application form.


Second step is to fill out the application form (it is important that all the sections of the application form are filled out).


When you have completed the application form it has to be send together with the confirmation of your current studies, to WUS Austria local offices (depending on for which sub competition you are applying) via mail, fax or regular post before the closing date for the applications. The closing date for the B&H sub competition is October, 25th,2004, and for the other two sub competitions the closing date for the application is November 1st, 2004.


It is our utmost pleasure to inform you that students from Southeast Europe will once again have an opportunity to participate in one of our most successful projects –  Balkan Case Challenge 2004. In the last four years, Balkan Case Challenge has demonstrated a tendency of continual improvement and perfection. Every new BCC was better (and larger) than the last. In order to secure this tradition of continual growth, we have decided to further improve Balkan Case Challenge by expanding it on two different levels.


The first level on which BCC 2004 will be expanded is territorial. The venue for this competition will no longer be limited only to Sarajevo, but also to Belgrade and Prishtina.




BCC 2004 will consist of 3 sub-competitions, which will be held prior to the final competition. The 3 sub-competitions will be held only in those regions where WUS Austria has its offices, i.e. in B&H, Serbia and Montenegro and Kosovo UNMIK. The sub-competitions, which will have the same structure as previous BCCs, will be held by the end of 2004 (November / December). The winners of these sub-competitions will immediately be invited to take part in the final BCC competition, which will take place in April, 2005, in Sarajevo. Students from those SEE countries in which there will be no sub-competitions will have a chance to participate in the final BCC 2004 competition, but they will be selected according to the application criteria and procedure used in previous BCCs.


Since it would be very time-consuming and frustrating to start organizing sub-competitions in all SEE countries simultaneously, we have decided to restrict ourselves only to three this year.  In the future we plan to organize BCC sub-competitions in the rest of SEE countries.


Secondly, Balkan Case Challenge 2004 will itself be expanded with a new competition – Information Communication Technologies Case Competition – ICT Case Competition. In such a way Balkan Case Challenge will open up to students of Technical Sciences.